Welcome to our groundbreaking publications! Never before have publications captured and reported on the sport of drug-free, “natural” Physique Competition in such a detailed and inclusive manner.

  • All six titles are available in print as well as digital.
  • Each publication is released quarterly (every three months) and is available per issue and by subscription.
  • Our staff custom designs all advertisements.

RATES (per issue):

Magazine (print & digital)

  • Full Page Ad Design & Placement = $400
  • 1/2 Page Add Design & Placement = $300

Website (three month campaign)

  • Article Embed Ad Design & Placement (with click-thru URLs) inserted strategically into every posted article. 3 to 5 articles per month = $200
  • Ad Tower Design & Placement along the right side website (towards the bottom on mobile devices) with click-thru URL’S = $200
  • Magazine ad pages are inserted where they best fit within the “flow” of the issue. If your brand is connected with an athlete or feature, we can strategically place your ad page in conjunction.
  • Ads can also take the form of an “advertorial” (an ad within an article about your brand/company/athlete etc..)
  • Ordering additional pages and publications will reduce the overall cost per page.
  • Rates, terms and conditions subject to change.
Please select brand(s) of interest and time 2019 frame. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for reply.

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